"Positively charged” tour features BATCircle2.0 experts

“Positively charged” tour aims to inform students about the role of Finland as well as study and work possibilities in the battery industry during the ever-increasing global electrification. It has been held in Lappeenranta, Kokkola, Espoo, Turku, and Vaasa, while making an upcoming appearance in Tampere on 29.11. The events have had speakers from both the nearby schools as well as the local companies.
The tour was held in Espoo near Aalto University on 1.11.2022. The panelists from left to right: Jere Vänskä (Aalto University), Heini Elomaa (Metso:Outotec), Tuomas van der Meer (VTT), Professor Mari Lundström (Aalto University).
“Positively charged” event held in Aalto University, Espoo, 1.11.2022. The panelists from left to right: Johannes Tervo (host), Jere Vänskä (Aalto), Heini Elomaa (Metso:Outotec), Tuomas van der Meer (VTT), and Prof. Mari Lundström (Aalto).

Many BATCircle2.0 consortium members have attended and invigorated the youth to aim towards education or career focused on the battery industry. Below is a list of our appearances throughout Finland:

  • Lappeenranta: LUT University (Prof. Sami Virolainen)
  • Kokkola: University of Oulu (Prof. Ulla Lassi), Umicore (Janne Marjelund) and Keliber (Manu Myllymäki)
  • Espoo: Aalto University (Prof. Mari Lundström, Jere Vänskä),  Metso:Outotec (Heini Elomaa), and VTT (Tuomas van der Meer)

The audience also included BATCircle2.0 consortium and advisory board members who were there to discuss with the audience after the official presentations. For example, Fortum, Sweco and BASF attended the event in Espoo.

These sorts of events are great opportunities for BATCircle2.0 members to market themselves, as both students seeking higher education as well as employees for the research and industry partners are the main audience of “Positively charged” tour. The tour was partly sponsored by Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland.

“Positively charged” event held in Lappeenranta on 4.10.
“Positively charged” event held in LUT University, Lappeenranta, 4.10.2022. The panelists from left to right: Prof. Sami Virolainen, Prof. Pertti Kauranen, and Jenni Bäck (CNGR-Finland).
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