BATCircle brochure available - check and explore

Visit our brochure online to find out more about BATCircle. This brochure provides a wide range of information about Finnish battery ecosystem, BATCircle consortiums and their research as well as European collaboration.
The cover of electrical brochure. Photo: JS/Suomi


The BATCircle brochure includes all important information related to Finnish battery sector, BATCircle consortiums and their research as well as European cooperation. Ongoing BATCircle2.0 is the key focus, though the first BATCircle project is introduced as well.

Explore the brochure online here.

The BATCircle brochure was produced and designed by J/S Suomi and sponsored by the following research organizations (Aalto University, GTK, LUT University, University of Eastern Finland, University of Oulu and VTT) and companies (BroadBit Batteries, Mawson, Nornickel Harjavalta and Terrafame).

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A lithium-ion battery cell, Aalto University, Valeria Azovskaya
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BATCircle 2.0 continues to lead battery metals and recycling research

As demand for batteries increases, the need to find solutions is urgent. Business Finland has granted the BATCircle 2.0 consortium with 10.8 million euros
Lithium-ion cells on a glass dish
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Battery parts can be recycled without crushing or melting

New recycling method replenishes lithium in electrodes while keeping existing structure intact – and performance is nearly as good as new ones
Close-up of someone wearing protective gloves holding a glass dish filled with brightly colored metal salts
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Recycling of batteries and responsible raw materials are Finland's asset - BATCircle enhanced cooperation within the battery sector

The two-year BATCircle consortium led by Aalto University has produced a lot of new research on battery recycling and raw materials and strengthened the cooperation within the sector.
Close-up of copper-colored confetti
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BATCircle2.0 under review

The BATCircle2.0 application is now under review at Business Finland.