Powering up the battery ecosystem

Finland-based Circular Ecosystem of Battery Metals, BATCircle, aims at improving the competitiveness of the Finnish battery value chain.

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Battery parts can be recycled without crushing or melting

New recycling method replenishes lithium in electrodes while keeping existing structure intact – and performance is nearly as good as new ones
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Recycling of batteries and responsible raw materials are Finland's asset - BATCircle enhanced cooperation within the battery sector

The two-year BATCircle consortium led by Aalto University has produced a lot of new research on battery recycling and raw materials and strengthened the cooperation within the sector.
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BATCircle2.0 under review

The BATCircle2.0 application is now under review at Business Finland.
BATCircle final seminar poster with a close-up photo of recycled batteries

BATCircle1.0 Final Seminar

Highlights of the BATCircle1.0 project: seminar presentations available
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VTV Publications 6.5.21 | Insights into sustainable mining in Finland (external link)

National Audit Office of Finland (NAOF/VTV) has published a report on sustainable mining in Finland. The report is in Finnish.

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HS 20.4.21 | New investments in the Finnish battery industry (external link)

Helsingin Sanomat interviewed Mari Lundström on the growth of the battery industry in Finland, especially related to the newly announced upcoming Johnson Matthey battery materials plant. Article in Finnish.

Audience listening to an online presentation at the China International Battery Industry Cooperation Summit.

BATCircle present at CIBF 2021 (external link)

Dr. Pyry-Mikko Hannula of BATCircle gave an online talk at the China International Battery Industry Cooperation Summit 2021 to present recent Finnish battery activities.


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