Worldwide rankings of the top 30 countries involved in global lithium-ion battery supply chain [1].
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Finland ranks top 4 in global lithium-ion battery supply chain

BloombergNEF (BNEF) has ranked Finland as 4th worldwide and 1st Europewide in their lithium-ion battery supply chain ranking.
A lithium-ion battery cell, Aalto University, Valeria Azovskaya
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BATCircle 2.0 continues to lead battery metals and recycling research

As demand for batteries increases, the need to find solutions is urgent. Business Finland has granted the BATCircle 2.0 consortium with 10.8 million euros

Theme: Finnish national battery strategy

Business Finland's recent release on Finland's national battery strategy, featuring the research of life-cycle assessment of battery recycling, attracted a lot of international coverage. Take a look!

Close-up of ground battery waste

Business Finland 12.5.21 | Finland leads the way towards a sustainable future through batteries and electrification (external link)

One of the key elements of a sustainable and competitive battery ecosystem is recycling and Finland has been chosen to coordinate the European battery industry's research on the topic.

YLE 24.4.2024 | Emerging battery industry requires thousands of employees from abroad (external link)

The planned pCAM and CAM factories would generate thousands of jobs in the Kymenlaakso region, enough to drain local supply of workforce.

A simulated aerial view of the planned Kotka CAM production facility

Yle 24.3.2023 | Exploration in Finland has increased by 17.4% (external link)

The need for mines has increased with the electrification of vehicles and the shift to green energy sources. Article in Finnish.

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Yle 1.4.2023 | Pressure to open new and old mines grows in Finland (external link)

Finland holds critical raw materials to be mined, refined or recycled according to EU's interests. Article in Finnish.

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BATCircle2.0 30.3.2023 | Winning in ecosystems: What is the value for me? (external link)

Webinar about "win-win ecosystems" related to BATCircle2.0. Join with link:

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