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BATCircle brochure available - check and explore

Visit our brochure online to find out more about BATCircle. This brochure provides a wide range of information about Finnish battery ecosystem, BATCircle consortiums and their research as well as European collaboration.
A lithium-ion battery cell, Aalto University, Valeria Azovskaya
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BATCircle 2.0 continues to lead battery metals and recycling research

As demand for batteries increases, the need to find solutions is urgent. Business Finland has granted the BATCircle 2.0 consortium with 10.8 million euros
Lithium-ion cells on a glass dish
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Battery parts can be recycled without crushing or melting

New recycling method replenishes lithium in electrodes while keeping existing structure intact – and performance is nearly as good as new ones
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Recycling of batteries and responsible raw materials are Finland's asset - BATCircle enhanced cooperation within the battery sector

The two-year BATCircle consortium led by Aalto University has produced a lot of new research on battery recycling and raw materials and strengthened the cooperation within the sector.

Theme: Finnish national battery strategy

Business Finland's release on Finland's national battery strategy, featuring the research of life-cycle assessment of battery recycling, attracted a lot of international coverage. Take a look!

Close-up of ground battery waste

Business Finland 12.5.21 | Finland leads the way towards a sustainable future through batteries and electrification (external link)

One of the key elements of a sustainable and competitive battery ecosystem is recycling and Finland has been chosen to coordinate the European battery industry's research on the topic.

BATCircle research in the media

News articles and other content featuring the BATCircle consortium.

Image from remote site: www.vtv.fi

VTV Publications 6.5.21 | Insights into sustainable mining in Finland (external link)

National Audit Office of Finland (NAOF/VTV) has published a report on sustainable mining in Finland. The report is in Finnish.

Image from remote site: phys.org

Phys.org 31.3.21: Is battery recycling environmentally friendly? (external link)

A Phys.org news piece on the new study by Rinne et al.

Image from remote site: www.tekniikkatalous.fi

T&T 31.3.21: Battery waste recycling (external link)

T&T featured BATCircle in its article about battery waste recycling (in Finnish).

Image from remote site: areena.yle.fi

YLE 3.3.2021: Battery industry and Finland (external link)

Prof. Mari Lundström (Aalto University) discussed battery production and recycling in Finland at Yle Ykkösaamu (in Finnish).

Image from remote site: www.dna.fi

DNA Tulevaisuustehdas: Sähköistyminen (Electrification) (external link)

Marja Rinne (Aalto University) visited the DNA Tulevaisuustehdas video series to discuss battery recycling. Content in Finnish.

Image from remote site: tekniikanmaailma.fi

TM 14.8.2019: Li-ion battery recycling (external link)

Prof. Mari Lundström was interviewed by Tekniikan Maailma (in Finnish).

Image from remote site: www.hs.fi

HS 18.5.2019: The battery industry in Finland (external link)

Helsingin Sanomat wrote about the Finnish battery industry (in Finnish).

BATCircle members in the media

News articles and important announcements featuring BATCircle consortium commercial partners.

Close-up of battery waste

Johnson Matthey chose Vaasa for sustainable battery materials plant | Gigavaasa (external link)

The City of Vaasa and Johnson Matthey have signed a Common Letter of Intent on 2 April 2021. The front-end engineering design for the battery value chain operator Johnson Matthey’s commercial plant in Vaasa has begun. The plant is planned to be in operation in 2024.

Image from remote site: www.bepassociation.eu

The Batteries European Partnership Association (BEPA) is now up and running! (external link)

BATCircle members appointed to the executive board and association delegation of Batteries European Partnership Association (BEPA)

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BATCircle companies receive funding from first IPCEI (external link)

The European Commission has approved under EU State aid rules an Important Project of Common European interest (“IPCEI”) to support research and innovation in the common European priority area of batteries.

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BATCircle companies receive funding from second IPCEI (external link)

The Commission has approved a second Important Project of Common European Interest (“IPCEI”) to support research and innovation in the battery value chain.

Image from remote site: www.terrafame.com

Terrafame’s nickel sulphate production offers the lowest carbon footprint in the industry (external link)

The carbon footprint is altogether 60% lower than in existing conventional processes.

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